About Us

How we started?

Nails have always been my passion. It's always been my go to thing to make me happy. When I was in the hospital, I would pack my nail bag when I would pack everything else. Every nurse, PCA and even my roommates would let me do their nails when I would have to be admitted. It was what I would be known for when I was hospitalized.

Becoming a nail tech was just the next step. Slowly my passion was becoming a nightmare. I was beginning to work in discomfort daily, that would trigger Sickle Cell pain crisis. I would get uncontrollable headaches from the monomer smell, I wouldn't be able to work or even want to work. Y'all know how strong that monomer smell can be.

That's when I set out to do something better.


Why AGN?

My monomer is low odor compared to other brands. You will no longer get headaches and a runny nose from the strong smell.


This will be the last monomer you will have to buy. AGN’s monomer can be used with ANY brand of acrylic. Even no named brands and you still will get a smooth consistency.

All of my products are made for beginners, advance and every nail tech in between. No matter what stage you're in as a nail tech, with my products, you'll feel like a master of your craft. My products are made to make your life as a nail tech easier. With our top tier products, you'll see that this is what you deserve. What you should have been expecting all along.