Our monomer is BOMB! It's going to make your job easier. It's self leveling, we got you. It's low odor with a slight fragrance, so no more harassment about the smell. Did we mention no primer is needed?! So, if you forget to prime, we got you covered. 

"AGN monomer is true to it's word, low odor for sure. I have health issues, using monomer. Since I have used AGN monomer, I have not had any issues! I have been able to work with my acrylic and I'm so happy! Thank you for creating and supplying a low odor monomer that does work! 

Rachelle Wilkinson @Rachellesnailglam

"When I first saw the low odor monomer post on Prissyfingers' page, I was excited to go try the product. I tried the monomer and I Immediately fell in love! The consistency, the low odor, the price, just wow! I really recommend you to try this monomer. It is so bomb, it's good for beginners and professionals. Shipping is also fast!👏🏻😝Afroglamnails and her team are about to launch an acrylic powder system, yay! I can’t wait to try the acrylic powder. The monomer is already bomb, just imagine the acrylic powder! 😍😍10/10 recommend."

Erika Nuñez @Erikanunez_12345

"I'm really happy that I got introduced to Afro Glam Nails. It's worth every penny! I’ve never had a monomer work so well with so many different acrylics. It picks up a perfect bead every time. It’s like the solution forms a bond with the acrylic, it’s crazy! My favorite part of the product, is it’s low odor. My mother, suffers from breathing issues. She usually hates when I use acrylic, not with Afro Glam. It really is low odor. It doesn’t linger throughout the house for long periods of time, like other brands. I can’t wait to buy more!"

Nicole Tejeda @Bootznailzit