EMA Monomer (32 oz)

EMA Monomer (32 oz)

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Afro Glam Nails EMA Monomer is formulated to work with any brand, best used with our Acrylic System powders. These products combined, make an amazing combination together during the process of application.


The perfect set begins and ends with the perfect foundation.


Afro Glam Nails' EMA Monomer ensure flawless consistency and quality throughout every set. PREPPING IS KEY! Make sure during the prepping process, the nails are prepped correctly.




✨ HEMA & 9 Free.

✨ Self Leveling.

✨ No Primer Needed.

✨ Non-Yellowing or discoloration.

✨ Providing you 40 seconds to work. 

✨ Superior adhesion and long-lasting flawless sets.


Primary Features:

  • No MMA (methyl methacrylate).
  • 100% EMA (ethyl methacrylate).
  • Less buffing, less finishing work.
  • This monomer is low odor, NOT odorless. 
  • Nail Liquid is developed and produced in the United States of America. Prepared under the strictest quality control, with ingredients and formula.


This monomer is a lower odor than most EMA Monomers on the market.

*Work time will vary depending on temperature of work area*



  • Flammable
  • External use only 
  • Use in ventilated space.
  • Keep out of reach of children 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best monomer

This is my go to monomer...its so good i hate practicing with it so i buy another brand for that....Highly recommend


I'm fairly new to nails and really wanted to start doing acrylics but most monomers I tried were so strong they made me sick and I couldn't use them... UNTIL ny friend introduced me to Afroglam Nails monomer. Game changer! It works beautifully with any acrylic and sets between 30 - 60s. I really love this monomer. The smell is minimal and it does a beautiful job!! I bought the biggest size & I definitely recommend it. I also purchased files and cuticle oil which smells amazing. I highly recommend AGN!!! 💅

Karen reminisce

I love this liquid monomer! For all you gals you save money and time investing on AGN liquid monomer. It works with any acrylic powders you can use just like butter ! It gives you time to work with the acrylic, low odor,etc. I’ve also tried her ultra clear acrylic powder and it works very well! I usually have issues with other “clears” getting crystallized too quick. She is very nice and outgoing, gives good deals here and there. This is my new go to brand for when I need monomer and I am a very satisfied new customer. I hope all of you give her a try! Her product works miracles and is consistent. We here for a good and long time! Struggle less than you ❤️💞🎉 she’s going to be up there 👆